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Lashes in Coventry

Holiday lashes and party eyelash extensions at Sophie’s Salon Services, Coventry

Whether it is for a special occasion or to enhance your look, lashes are perfect for both.

Those days where you don’t have time to put on your make-up as you’ve got to rush out the door, you won’t have to worry as the lashes give your face a natural enhancement without giving anything away!

Or maybe you have a party to go to and want to give that WOW factor!

They can last for up to 2 months with the proper maintenance and care applied.

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A variety of


These Lashes are a perfect way to thicken and lengthen your natural lashes for special occasions or for everyday wear, without having to use mascara.

They are naturally curled, look gorgeous and also feel weightless on your eyelids, being both flexible and crimp-resistant giving you that natural or glamorous look.

Once applied they are water-resistant so you can shower, swim, sweat, shed a tear and sleep without worrying.

There’s a large variety of extensions you can choose from, from individual lashes to Hybrid lashes & Russian lashes. Each promise to give you thicker and fuller lashes and some could last well over a month.


Classic eyelash extensions involve using a type of eyelash that is about the same thickness as (or slightly thicker than) your natural lashes. It is applied one by one with a special adhesive to each individual lash. The end result is well-defined lashes that look very natural, similar to what your natural lashes look like with mascara on – only more full and longer.


Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lashes and volume lashes. They are fluffier and fuller than Classics for those that want something darker and has more impact than Classic Lashes. Both types of lashes (classic and volume) are mixed together to create an individual look for each client. Perfect for every day or maybe for a holiday you have planned!


Russian lashes are also known as 3D Lashes, Volume Lashes or Russian Volume. Russian Lashes are not mixed with classic lashes and the whole lash line is filled with “fans” to create a Fluffy Full Fantastic look. These are for those who want a look like strip lashes without taking them off every day.



Eyelash extensions are synthetic eyelashes made of a special type of polyester fibre.  They are attached to your natural lashes one by one, using a special adhesive made for this procedure. 



This depends on how many extensions are applied to your natural eyelashes.  The more lash extensions you have on, the longer it lasts.  A full set on average will retain about half the amount at two to three weeks. At this time, you will need to have them refilled.  If you don’t replace the extensions that have fallen off, the remaining false lashes will continue to shed over time.  By the end of 5 – 8 weeks, all the original lash extensions will be gone.

A ‘Natural Set’ will look good for approximately 2 – 2.5 weeks and be completely gone by 4 weeks. These are averages only. Some clients experience better retention while others do not. Factors include the strength and texture of your natural lash, your lifestyle, and the way you care for your Eyelash Extensions. 



When applied by a skilled and properly trained eyelash technician, lash extensions are very safe! Originating in Korea more than 20 years ago, the industry continues to improve with better quality products and techniques.  There are very few risks associated with this service, the two most concerning are infection and allergic reaction. However, this is why a patch test is needed beforehand.